Atlanta Club Sport Sponsors

As of Spring 2016, Atlanta Club Sport was acquired by ZogSports.

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ZogSports has a proven system for ensuring you get the best organized league for your money. So, how do we do it?

1) We train our own referees. 
2) Our Atlanta team is supported by 32 full time staff nationwide. 
3) You get multiple levels of competition within every league. 
4) You have multiple ways to play: free agent, group of friends, full team. 
5) You get to choose from multiple locations and multiple days of the week. 
6) Every winning team gets money donated to a charity of their choosing! 
7) Finally, we CARE about our teams. Have a question or suggestion? Call your General Manager, Brian: (678) 974-1772.

We promise to correct any challenges you've experienced over the past year and look forward to offering you more leagues, more locations and better competition.

Brian Caldwell
General Manager, ZogSports ATL
(678) 974-1772

Weather updates are posted on Twitter
League photos are posted on Facebook